In 2021, an idea was born after the death of Lorna Higgins Williams – a friend to all, lover of life and all things beautiful, especially shoes! Her friends and family wondered how they could honor her and immortalize her memory. Then the answer came. Everyone who knew her and loved her thought that a boutique in her name would be the perfect way to honor her. This was the beginning of Lorna’s Boutique.

Lornas represents, class, elegance, luxury, beauty, exquisite style, and comfort! This was her essence. This premium brand curates the best-in-class assortment of designer shoes and delivers exceptional customer service to our guests.

A true fashionista, a lady of elegance and class, Lorna is smiling down on us shoe-lovers right now. She will continue to help us make beautiful and comfortable shoe choices. Our culture reflects the warmth of her personality and generosity of spirit. Let's wear beautiful shoes always and honor her memory.