Breathable And Soft all Seasons Non-slip Protective Shoes Work Shoes

Size: 36
style: A
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These breathable and soft all-season non-slip protective shoes are perfect for workers in various industries. Made of flying weave material, they are lightweight yet durable. The low-cut upper style offers comfortable wear while providing ample protection for the feet. These shoes are ideal for use in coal mines, petroleum, chemical industries, electric power, shipbuilding, construction sites, hotels, and workshops.

The shoes feature a steel toe cap for added safety, and they come equipped with vent holes to keep the feet cool and dry. They are designed to be anti-smashing and anti-piercing, which makes them suitable for use in hazardous work environments. Additionally, the shoes are available in three different colors to suit your style and preference.


  • Material: Flying weave
  • Upper style: Low cut
  • Application scope: Coal mine, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, shipbuilding, construction site, hotel, workshop
  • Anti-static: No
  • Baotou material: Steel toe cap
  • Vent holes: Yes
  • Anti-smashing: Yes
  • Anti-piercing: Yes
  • Colors: A (Leather + net breathable style), B (Leather and cashmere style), C (Four seasons of leather)


The shoes are designed to prevent puncture, which adds an extra layer of protection for the feet. The flying weave material makes the shoes breathable, so your feet stay comfortable even during long hours of work. The shoes are not anti-static, so they are not recommended for use in areas where static electricity can cause hazards.

The steel toe cap is designed to prevent smashing, but the shoes are not equipped with additional features for preventing puncture. The low-cut design of the shoes allows for ease of movement and flexibility, making them perfect for various work environments. Overall, these shoes offer a balance of comfort and protection, making them a great choice for workers in different industries.

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